Promotion and Development
  • Management and contracting land and owners.
  • Recruitment, management and monitoring of environmental impact studies.
  • Getting released and Approval of Project Management.
  • Getting permits interaction and affection to existing infrastructure.
  • Records Management and monitoring of Public Utility and expropriation.
  • Obtaining building permits and permits related to urban processing.
  • Getting minutes of commissioning and operating licenses and / or first use.
  • Control and monitoring comprehensive completion of administrative records.
Whole Mining Management
  • Control, adjustment and settlement of administrative proceedings of facilities and subsequent monitoring of the obligations arising therefrom.
  • Control and management of the taxation of operating facilities.
  • Control, management and payment of royalties and rights of way.
  • Recruitment, supervision and insurance management, claims and claims.
  • Technical and administrative assistance to control payments and obligations for construction contracts.
  • Monitoring and control of the conditions of commissioning.
  • Supervision, management and comprehensive monitoring of the operation and maintenance contracts.
  • Preparation and monitoring of operating procedures and schedules, operation and preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of power plants under the special regime and the necessary electrical connection.
Consulting and Analysis
  • Resource analysis and wind farm deployments.
  • Solar resource analysis and implementations of photovoltaic plants.
  • Solar resource analysis and implementations of high-temperature solar plants.
  • Technical audits high voltage electrical installations.
Energy Manager and Technical Office
  • Energy advice. Comprehensive service designed to measure. Provide a system of continuous improvement in the field of energy efficiency.
  • Solutions. Implementation of energy saving and efficiency measures: LED, photovoltaic installations, …
  • Energy audit Comprehensive review of consumer facilities to know where, when and how energy is consumed, as well as assess the potential for savings.
  • Purchase coordinated electricity. By grouping companies you get better prices.
  • Motorization. Real-time control of energy consumption.
  • Facilities management Regularization, management and coordination of facility maintenance (BT, AT, PCI, oil, …).

Some interesting facts

We are pioneers in Andalusia in the management of renewable energy connection infrastructures.
MW Of Tender In Service
MW Connected to Managed Infrastructures
KW in self-consumption facilities