Quality and Environment Policies

TEXLA ENERGIAS RENOVABLES is a company that, as a main activity, offers consultancy services and analysis of renewable energies, integral management to companies in the energy sector, mainly renewable ones, for the maintenance and operation of their facilities.

It also carries out the design and development of renewable energy projects.

Our main clients are the COMMUNITY OF ASSETS ZEDE TAJO, COMMUNITY OF ASSETS ZEDE ARCOS ELECTRICAL SYSTEM OF CONEXIÓN HUÉNEJA, SL, COMUNIDAD DE BIENES MONTEARENAS, COMUNIDAD DE BIENES PARRALEJOS where in some of the cases we are working since 2010 in advising, consulting and integral management of its renewable facilities. In addition to the above and in the field of management of third-party assets, we include work that we do in a solar farm of the company Photovoltaic Plants Los Cabezos, S.L. since 2010.

In the field of engineering and permitting, various works are included that are currently being carried out for various investment funds and private investors, as well as consulting and engineering work for a small electrical distributor.

For the development of our activity, we have a group of qualified professionals in the sector, made up of industrial and technical engineers and a network of suppliers-secured contracts with which we have been working since the beginning of our activity.

Our office, where the daily work is managed, organized and planned, is located in the VILASER Building in Seville, although a considerable part of the work is carried out in the facilities of our clients.

In our eagerness to achieve a higher quality in our services and products as well as a greater proactivity towards caring for the environment that surrounds us, we have established the following maxims to fulfill within our company:

  • Guarantee continuous improvement, maintaining the System effectively and effectively to verify the commitment with customers and with the Environment, looking for a better internal organization of work.
  • Comply with all the requirements imposed by our clients as well as all those of a legal nature in the field of quality and the environment that are required and other requirements that the company considers appropriate to subscribe.
  • Propose to our clients new requirements aimed at achieving new improvement objectives or to facilitate those already existing, according to our knowledge and experience.
  • Collaborate with our clients in the achievement of their objectives and advise in compliance with their environmental legal requirements
    Ensure the satisfaction of our clients based on a always correct treatment and an extra effort in the realization of our services.
  • Prevent contamination that could generate TEXLA ENERGIAS RENOVABLES, SL to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the environment that surrounds us.
  • Achieve high competitiveness in our markets based on the trust and loyalty of our customers.
  • Innovate and adapt to the new times that advance in the activity of renewables by carrying out research and improvement processes focused on avoiding the impact of the environment.