Our company

Texla Energías Renovables emerged in 2009 from the extensive professional background, and the knowledge acquired in the field of renewable energies, by a team of professionals trained under the umbrella of various multinationals in the sector during the first decade of the 21st century. They found a new company with the intention of managing the exploitation of projects in service, promote new ones, and also provide a plus of closeness in their relationship with customers.

The knowledge acquired both administratively and technically of these technologies, the experience, and the existing cohesion on the part of the Texla staff consolidate us as a reference within the renewable energy sector inside and outside of Andalusia.

The team of professionals that make up Texla, make it a benchmark in the renewable energy sector. An experience acquired with practice, which guarantees an overview of the renewable business, both administrative, technical, financial and accounting covering all technologies and specialties.

Professionalism, innovation, flexibility and closeness are our hallmarks.

Some interesting facts

We are pioneers in Andalusia in the management of renewable energy connection infrastructures.
MW Of Tender In Service
MW Connected to Managed Infrastructures
KW in self-consumption facilities

Renewables Energies

Renewable energy or sustainable energy is energy from short-term sources that renew themselves or whose use does not contribute to the depletion of the source.


Wind energy is the kinetic energy of air movement in the atmosphere.


The concentration of energy from the sun.


The energy reaching Earth from the Sun is received in the form of electromagnetic radiation.


The term biomass refers to any organic matter that comes from forests.